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Launched in April 2021, Te Ipu o te Mahara, The Artificial Intelligence Institute at the University of Waikato takes an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to the development of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) research.  As a team we are focused on real-time analytics for big data, machine learning and deep learning and have created some of the world's most popular open source tools for machine learning. Our goal is to build awareness and expertise across disciplines so we can better leverage AI for the benefit of our communities.

Our Expertise

Machine Learning

Machine learning

Machine learning serves an important role in artificial intelligence (AI) by giving software the ability to learn from observations, adapt behaviour and provide predictions and other useful insights to users.

We are working side-by-side with industry on a range of machine learning projects so that more New Zealanders can reap the benefits.

Machine Learning

Deep learning

Deep learning is a specific type of machine learning whereby artificial neural networks learn from complex data such as images, video, and audio. Neural networks can be very powerful but are energy intensive due to the computational requirements.

We are currently focused on three particular problems in deep learning research and applications: user-friendly deep learning, explainability of deep learning, and accurate quantification of predictive uncertainty. We are also working on continual deep learning, which is closely related to our work on real-time analytics.

Real-time analytics for big data tile

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics for big data provides users with timely insights so they can respond without delay. It requires a step-change in computational performance but has huge potential to both transform existing businesses and create opportunities for new businesses to evolve. Continual learning is the next step, where learning is retained.

Open Source Tile

Open source software

A key focus of the Artificial Intelligence Institute is developing and maintaining open source software to support research, innovation and the application of AI through fast, reliable and secure development tools.

Open source software reduces training costs and provides access to publicly available frameworks, workflows, data sets and models, alongside a community providing monitoring and security.

Research Projects

  • Time-Evolving Data Science / Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Open Environmental Science (TAIAO)
  • User-friendly Deep Learning
  • AI Human Centric Security
  • Entrepreneurial Universities : Real time analytics for Big Data

AI Open Source Software

We have created some of the world's most popular open source tools for machine learning including WEKA, MOA, ADAMS, with downloads exceeding 10 million. These platforms offer a plethora of tools to help others acquire knowledge and reap the benefits of machine learning in their respective industries.

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We work with a number of organisations to support them to leverage AI for the benefit of our communities and NZ Inc. These groups include industry, research institutes and various groups at the University of Waikato.

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We are committed to sharing knowledge and bringing experts from around the world together to uncover opportunities and nurture a network of tech leaders and innovators.  Follow us on social media to keep up to date with our events which will explore the potential of AI in specific industries like finance and construction.

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