Discover how Waikato AI Initiative is helping to change the world

The Waikato AI Initiative (WAI) from University of Waikato undertakes multi-disciplinary artificial intelligence research across a range of applications. The main goals of the Waikato AI Initiative are the following ones:

  • To make deployable machine learning technology available to the wider business and government communities so that they may benefit from the age of AI/Big Data
  • To create scalable sustainable Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence systems

The University of Waikato has created some of the most popular open source tools for ML/DM as WEKA, MOA, and ADAMS, with more than 10 million downloads. Their books are used to teach Machine Learning/AI in a large number of universities. The University of Waikato is renowned for producing world-leading technologists, including researcher Dr Craig Nevill-Manning – who founded Google’s first remote engineering center located in New York, and co-founder of Google DeepMind Dr Shane Legg.